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University of Toronto Scarborough
Dwayne Pare

Week 7: Gender History Changing agenda in Linguistic Anthropology:  70s and 80s saw growing interest in power throughout the humanities and social sciences, and attempts to see how social identities are linked to power  About the same time: Critique of culture as a fixed and constantly reproduced  About the same time: Critiques of seeing language-culture-place as always linked together  About the same time: Social identities no longer seen as essential part of being (“natural”), but coming into being ...these changing agendas influenced Linguistic Anthropology, and we will review this impact in the rest of the semester Gender as a Social Identity “Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus”?! Book title Biological Sex Vs. Gender  Long considered that scientific realities, like biological sex (male/female), determined social realities, like gender (e.g., culturally construed masculinities and femininities, plus associated sexualities)  Now, it is generally accepted that gender involves biological sex, but is wholly culturally and contextually determined Gender Registration Deborah Cameron “Men and women do not live on different planets, but are members of cultures in which a large amount of discourse about gender is constantly circulating. They do not only learn, and then mechanically reproduce, ways of speaking ‘appropriate’ to their own sex;
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