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Maggie Cummings

ANTC15 Class 2 Sept 15 2011 Thinking about genders and sexualitiesFeminism women and anthropology a few key playersEarly Anthropologists became to study women first and their lives in various culturesthis is bc men was largely studied beforeculture was defined by what men didpartly bc most of the anthropologists were menFeminist anthropology they studied the nature of womens livesin the 1960s70s women who were starting to study anthropology or went on fieldwork with their husbands started studying womens livesthey assumed that mens lives wld explain entire cultureRather than studying men or just women you need to understand gendergender is a relationshipyou cant have masculine without femininethey are things that come into being thru relationship w anotheryou need to understand how they complement each other or are antagonist to each otheranthropologists question why women are universally subordinate around the world ie unequal to men to varying degreeSherry Ortner women is to nature as man is to culture believed it this is a universal truthshe theorized it is true in eery culture that men are symbolically closely related to culture and women to natureculture superior to naturetherefore men superior to womenshe posited that this was a universal explanationMichelle Rosaldo domestic vs public spheresimilar idea that men are more likely to participate in the public sphereand women are more closely related to the privatedomestic sphere ie the homepublic sphere more impt than private spheretherefore men more powerful than womenthese two impt theories do not tell the whole storyin some societies women are more related to the public sphere or cultureso these explanations arent universalMarilyn Strathern an awkward relationshipshe argued that there is an awkward relationship between anthropology and feminismthus it is hard to answer the qn about why women are subordinate to menit is awkward bc on the one hand in order for feminism to make sense feminism posits that all women are universally subordinateand that there is a group called women who share smt in common feminism requires believing that all women share smt in commonanthropology on the other hand suggests that women are radically diff in diff culturesand sometimes unrecognizable in diff culturesie concept of cultural relativismtherefore it is awkward to be an anthropologist and feminist etcSex vs Gender working defns for nowsex categorization of people into malefemale based on physiology and biology etcie men are human beings who have male genitalsie female human species who has female genitalsgender social significance attributed to sexed bodies in any given cultureie what does it mean to be a man or woman in a given culturewhere does sexuality come inWhat is the meaning of this Gender Sex and SexualityGayle Rubin sexgender system every culture has a particular cultural needs or societal needs needed for that societysex gender system is the way in which those needs are perpertrated by putting on those sexed bodiesshe is saying that every culture has a sexgender system but what that sexgender system is wld be particular to that cultureone of societal needs that sexgender system fulfills is the need for the division of labourie in a small scale huntergatherer society you need to divide the labour rolesso sexgender system helps divide the laboursie women gather and take care of the family while men huntJudith Lorber makes an argument and tlks abt division of labour as well p 577in all cultures two forms of major work is social production and food productionso sexgender system helps divide this workthese two categories exist in every culture but the relationship between them variesnoone used to qn sex as a categorysex generally stayed the same as gender is always changingbut as we can see in the readings sex also shifts around tooie sex can also be culturally constructedsex gender and sexuality are culturally and historically contingentie they change time to timeDisentangling Gender sex and sexualityLorbers Believing is Seeing readingwhat does believing is seeing meanshe is not just talking about the roles and expectations of men and womenbut
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