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Sexual Signals

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Joyce Parga

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SexualSignals June-12-12 CopulatoryCalls FemaleOrgasmin Non-humanprimates 1:07 PM SexualSkin - Typeofvocalization - Behaviouralevidence - Bothfemalesand/ormaleswillemit ○ Female'Clutching'reaction KeyTerms - Type1: Sexualswelling ○ OWMandApes vocalizationsduringcopulation, ○ Characteristicfacialexpressions - Receptivity ○ Swellinginvaginalregionduring sometimesatpointof ○ Vocalizations ○ Willingnesstocopulatewitha ejaculation/orgasm ○ Strongestevidenceinmacaquesand male POP ○ Estrogendependant(femalesonly) - Possibleadaptivefunctions apes - Proceptivity ○ Ex.Baboons,chimps/banobos,and ○ Coordinationofcopulatory - Physiologicalevidence ○ Femalebahavioursthatfunction movementsbetweenmaleand ○ Increasedrespirationandheartrate toinitiateandmaintainsexual macaques(Onlythesethree interactionwithamale;sexual taxonomicgroupswithsignificant female ○ Uterineandvaginalmuscle sexualswellings) ○ Stimulatecompetitionbetween contractions solicitation,sexualpresentation malesbyalertingotherstothe - Possibleadaptivefunctions - Sexualsignal ○ Otherspeciesalsogetperi-vaginal ○ Malechimps/bonobossometimes pinkening,butnotasexual matingpair ○ Mightstimulatemaleejaculation swelling LongCalls ○ Mightencouragefemalestoseek displayapenileerectionasan - Alsocalledloudcalls outmorematingpartners(causing invitationtomate - Type2: Facialcoloration - Orangutans: spermcompetition) - Estrus ○ SomeOWM ○ Ex.Stump-tailedmacaque ○ Onlyflangedmales ○ Maystimulatespermtransport ○ Periodofheightenedsexual ○ Functiontoadvertisemale throughmuscularcontractions activityandreceptivityexhibited  Maleandfemale presencetofemalesandtodeter ○ Mightfunctionincrypticfemale byfemalemammalsusually(not HypothesesforSexualSwelling - Primarilyinanthropoidswhocanmate unflangedmalesfromstayingin choice always)aroundthetimeof thearea(male/male  Matediscriminationduringor ovulation allthetime,maybeindicationof competition) aftercopulation - Ovulation ovulationsotheyindicateoptimaltime formating(maximumfertility)andthey - RTL: 
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