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Laura Sikstrom

-Distinguish between illness and disease  many ppl gave definition, but didn't answer why distinguishing between the 2 forms is important  distinguishing is important because: dr.'s treating disease only will not succeed, missing social factors (depoliticizes disease), many disease have no cure Field Report Part 2  use only one of the readings from class  3-4 pgs, double spaced  take raw data and turn it into analyzed work...interpret your field notes  be very explicit about what you are doing and what you are analyzing  you are graded for how well you apply one theoretical approach to your experience (take the concept, understand it and use it)  reflexivity-who you are and how that influences your experience e.g. being male vs. female, age etc (use first person) Why do identical twins have such different lives?  twins do not die of the same diseases and don't have the same health problems  Margaret Locke o developed idea of local biologies  most people don't notice the difference in their bodies until they get sick  biological and social processes are inseparably entangled over time  it's not about measuring biological differences between people or groups of people  biomedicine's search for a universal solution to disease may be problematic (universality is a problem for the subjective and biological experience of illness)  HRT for menopause-not the same all over the world, dangers e.g. increased breast cancer (no universal term for menopause)  the end of menstruation (menopause) o term is different all over the world, not directly translatable o menopause was built on faulty evidence-the early medical concern around it was that women living that old was rare (misunderstanding life expectancy data) e.g. life expectancy of 45 vs. 75 in Canada ...if life expectancy is low, means high infant mortality rate, so it doesn't mean that there are no old people living there o false idea that women were suddenly living past reproduction (idea that menopause is a new disease)...not true  Japanese women were far less likely to report symptoms (less severe and different than American women) o hot flash-American, stiff shoulders-ja
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