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2 Mar 2011

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What are the Properties of Blood/ Blood Vessels?
oPlasma contains small molecules, ions, proteins, etc..It tells you what state
your health is in
oSeparate according to density as well
oHalf is plasma and half is cell components
Blood: A fluid tissue- connective tissue
oSo many little things such as nutrients/wastes and ions dissolved in plasma
and transported to or from cells
oCharged gradients give rise to membrane potentials
oConcentration and charged gradients control which way the materials
move..in/out of cells or blood
Red Blood Cells
oRed blood cells originate in bone marrow
oMature blood cells cant do anything after...which is why we need more red
blood cells (only in mammalian red blood cells)
oThe rest can carry on as normal cells...
Blood: Platelets
oFragments of cells
oContain proteins and everytihg that is crucial to clotting process
oWhen cells are damaged they give signals
oPlatelets are going to be attracted again
oPlatelet gets trapped and basically plugs the hole
oThere are proteins in the plasma many of which are synthesized in the liver
and circulate through the blood system in an inactive form (prothrombin)
oWhen theres damage, those platelets and clotting factors that are released in
response to the damage will cause the conversion of the prothrombin to
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