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BIOC50H3 Lecture Notes - Population Ecology, E-Book, Parasitism

Biological Sciences
Course Code
Marc Cadotte

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BIOB50 Syllabus, Winter 2011
Prof. M. Cadotte
BIOB50: Ecology
Winter 2011
Course information
Lecture times:
Tuesday & Thursday, 10-11am
Academic Centre (AC) 223
Thursday, 5-7pm, AC-223 (every third week)
Cain, M.L., Bowman, W.D. and Hacker, S.D. (2008) Ecology. Sinauer
Associates, Inc. Paper and e-book options available!
Exams:2 midterms and 1 final
Midterm 1: TBA
Midterm 2: TBA
Final: TBA
Ecology-news assignment
Marc Cadotte
Office: Science Wing 542
Office hours: Tuesdays & Thursdays 11-12pm
Email: (please put BIOB50 in the subject line)
Phone: 416-208-5105
Teaching Assistants:
Nicholas Mirotchnick,
Course description
An introduction to the main principles of ecology, the science of the
interactions of organisms with each other and with their environment. The course
covers community and population ecology, and provides an emphasis on how
ecology relates to other areas of biology, and to contemporary human and
environmental issues.
Ecology is the interdisciplinary scientific study of the interactions between
organisms and the interactions of these organisms with their environment. A
conceptual understanding of ecology is found in the broader details of study,
*life processes explaining adaptations
* distribution and abundance of organisms
* the flux of materials and energy through living communities
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