BIOC54H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 12: Maternal Sensitivity, Anisogamy, External Fertilization

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Week 13 lecture notes: mating system and parental care. Part 1: mating systems: types of mating system. It can be defined based on the number of copulatory partners per individual per breeding season. This explain patterns of aggregation of males and females in the environment, during breeding season. Monogamy: individual mate with one partner & raising offspring together. Serial monogamy: monogamous with one partner and switch to another partner in the next season and so on. Lifetime monogamy: monogamous for a lifetime (eg. geese) Social monogamy: one pair but not all offspring is related to the male (eg. songbirds) Polyandry: 1 female + multiple males: monogamy: 1 female / 1 male. May occur when offspring requires both parents. Each investing a lot to get successful rearing of the offspring. Vary rare in harps fish and insects (except. Males defend females when they can & males disperse further, presumably to find a genetically unrelated female group.