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Biological Sciences
Ivana Stehlik

2013BIOAO2 S Module 1 January 7 ~Feb1 2013 Midterm date: Monday Febuary 4 2013. 5-7pm Module 2: Begins on Tuesday Feb 5 . th Total: 12 lectures Lecture outline: 1-2: Tree of life-plants 3-4 Plant cells and plant tissues 5-6. From seed to tree 7-8. Freom tree to seed 9. Transport in plants 10. Plant nutrition and soils 11. Plant defense 12. Plant life on the edge. Lecture 1 notes (1-2. Tree of life- plants) Lecture 1-2 outline: A) Basal tree of life B) Bryophytes- Liverwort, mosses, hornworts C) Lycophytes D) Ferns E) Gymnosperm F) Angiosperm A)Basal tree of life Evolution of plants Green algae Liverwort (6000 species) Mosses Hornworts (100 species) Lycophytes Ferns Gymnosperms Angiosperms ( most abundant) The origins of Bryophyes are unknown B) Bryophytes: liverworts (marchantia polymorpha) Male reproductive structure: Antheridia, male liverwort, umbrella shaped Female reproductive structure: Archegonia, female liverwort, cloudy shaped 10cm mosses, largest diversity of bryophyte group. Peat mosses in North canada. Hornworts: flat body tissues which is smaller than liverworts •Gametophyte •Fertilizationof •throughmitosis, gamete gametesegg and •zygote=mitosis spermis produced •Embryo Haploid Diploid
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