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Lecture 9

Lecture 9: Actin and Microtubules

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Biological Sciences
Tanya Da Sylva

Lecture 9: Cytosolic Proteins and the Cytoskeleton Cytosol What is the cytoskeleton? Fluid matrix surrounding organelles Extensive protein network Polar Made on free ribosomes in the cytoplasm, no targeting sequence Ions, sugar, ATP Free ribosomes, amino acids Three main components: 1. Microtubules Many proteins 2. Actin Cytosolic Proteins 3. Intermediate Filaments How are proteins targeted to cytosol? Cytoskeleton -Functions They arent: targeting sequence = no targeting sequence Scaffold structural support and cell shape -proteins translated in cytosol and stay there by default Internal framework organize organelles within a cell Movement directs cellular locomotion Some examples: and movement of materials within the Clathrin and COP proteins : cell proteins outside of the vesicles Machinery for cell division Signalling proteins: bring 1) Structure and Support proteins through the cell 2) Intracellular Transport Glycolysis enzymes 3) Contractility and Motility Organelle proteins during transit 4) Spatial Organization Chaperone proteins -Peroxisomes associated with microtubules. -Cytoskeleton -Red-tubulin incorporated in micro tubles Cytoskeleton is not static Cytoskeleton components 1) Microtubules Structure Hollow, cylindrical Set of globular proteins arranged in rows : profilaments Contain 13 proto filaments Composed of tubulin heterodimers a- and b- tubulin subunits Subunits polymerize to make microtubules B- tubulin binds GTP to allow polymerization Polymerize into proto filament -13 proto filaments arrange around a hollow core and forms the microtubule = entire rod like structure Interactions are mainly non-covalent 4nm= heterodimer www.notesolution.comament = strings of those alpha beta
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