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Lecture 2

Lecture 2 - With Blue Notes

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Biological Sciences
Dan Riggs

3 5 DNA double stranded antiparallel helix Lecture 2 Genome organization andmolecular evolution SPs Fig 1010 15 17 19 22 23 Vocabulary Absorption spectrumDenaturationHybridization Renaturation or Reannealingin situ hybridization CentromereTelomere MutationUnequal Crossing overComplementary base pairing DuplicationdeletionTranspositionGene family occurs by hydrogen bonding AT and CG3 5 Fig 1010 Chargaff 1950s base composition Early work on DNA Physiochemical approaches differs between organisms 1 DNA is a polynucleotide chain AT GC AT CG 2 Estimates made of genome size3 Values were tiny yet enormous AT 2 hydrogen bonds Humans 35 picograms of DNAhaploid genome32 billion base pairs 4 Base pairing rules established by analyzing base composition CG 3 hydrogen bonds 5 DNA absorbs light in ultraviolet range 6 Renaturation experiments defined complexity Fig 1010C 1
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