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Biological Sciences
Aarti Ashok

Lecture 21: DNA Replication and Repair N Figure A: anti parallel strand that compose a DNA double helix N Bases pointing towards interior, specific fashion: a with t and c with g N Thank Watson and Crick in the 1950 N Wrote paper, scientific and concise writing N Last sentence of paper: proposed that N ^9L-_ oZ- ^2Z_-Z N Parent DNA strand comes apart and sequence of each strand is used to construct complementary strand (light blue) new strand N Parent strand is template for creation of two new strands N One parent strand and one new strand N Semi-conservative model = proposed by W and C (parent DNA only half is conserved in each daughter DNA molecule) N Envisioned but NOT proven by them or anyone else N 3 models realistically proposed, each have their own level of merit N Conservative, semi-conservative, dispersive Conservative st N Parent DNA will come apart and be copied, 1 generation parent strands come together and daughter strands stay together NOT CONSERVATIVE N Two parent strands coming back together, two new strands created N Second round of DNA replication, come apart be copied and will come back together N Conserves each of the parent strand together Semi-Conservative N Parent DNA come apart, copied, paired with new DNA strand Dispersive replication N Little piecessegments of each strand copied N Hybrid daughter DNA molecule, new pieces joined with parental DNAs N That process would have continued and have hybrid molecules about a half and half ratio of old parent DNA with new DNA N No distinguishing between them until Figure D Meselson-Stahl N Bacteria with medium of N15 J ammonium chloride provided to bacteria with labelled...sole source of N for bacteria N Nitrogeneous bases would be N15 labelled
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