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University of Toronto Scarborough
Biological Sciences
Kenneth Lam

dissection of the frog 3/20/2012 11:11:00 AM Need this for lab report ! Anatomical direction  Proximal is the waist—where the stimulator is  The distal end is the knee joint –where te receptor is  This was used in the frog nerve experiment Contents about lab 9 Gastronomical muscle  The calf  Between the ankle and the knee Knee bone is on the upper clamp The tendon ( ankle) is attached to the needle pen All the weights are used in the part II Increase the voltage until you see the first twitch  the needle pen draws the first bump on the revolving graph  you measure the amplitude of the peak /bump o so first graph: Amplitude vs voltage you keep incraseing the voltages until the ampliteu of the peak doesn’t change anymore  that’s your maximal voltage –level off on the curve what is ‘spatial summation’?  in compound AP, in have one nerve, and many axons o see higher and higher peaks of AP , as you recruit more and more axons  same with muscle: many motor units for each muscle fibre o as you increase V, you increase more and more of the units o until all the muscle units are activated, and no more increase in the amplitude of the peak/burp observed ( contraction of the muscle ) –get your maximal voltage, associated with the maximal amplitude o so the amplitude of the peak means the contraction ability of the muscel what is ‘temporal summation’?  need to make sure that all the motor units are firing—by keeping at maximal voltage setting  depends on how oftern you force it to fire?  Use the frequency setting ( maximal voltage setting ) on the stimulator , and increase frequencing setting knob  Part I No weights added to the needle pen 1 amplitue Vs coltage graph –spatial summation 2 each cluster refers to one frequency ( 1Hz, 2Hz)  amplitude Vs frequency graph –tempotral summation  the above 2 nothing to do with weights part II now you are adding weights to the needle pen the weighing pen ( needle pen) starts with no weight—it’s the lever holding the pen –so you don’t have stretched muscle when you are adding weights s later ( in stretched muscle condition) you loosen the lever, starts to see the dropping in the weigh
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