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Lecture 18

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Biological Sciences
Marc Cadotte

Ecology Lecture 17 Paradox of plankton use the same set of resources they manage to coexist species that belong in the lake you wont expect to find in the meadow Some species though can disperse in the community move from aquatic to terrestrial factors that control for species membership There is no one specific process thats responsible for comm membership combination of factorsdispersalimmigration dispersing into a given community abioitic factors species interaction competition predation mutualistic interactions Dispersalimmigration species supply is the first cut to comm membership if you load up a ship you put in cargo and when your shipping the things across the world You dump all the supplies there they then fill the ships full of sea water and end up carrying along with them many species and they ships go back to where they came from if regional richness is low local richness is low abiotic conditions the ship example A ship from south America the species from there are used to warmer climates and diff light When theyre carried up to north America its a different system abiolotic constraints fish on land alake might not be able to support organisims that has fast flowing water required coexistence of the individ with other species in the community
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