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Lecture 10

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Biological Sciences
Maydianne Andrade

Lecture 10 Do we expect on average if mutations are deleterious neutral or beneficial Debate in literature right nowIn general we dont expect them to be beneficial o If we have an organism that is adapated to its environemetn and something random happens to change its phenotype in general we do not expect that random change to be beneficial so usually we expect mutations to be deleterious or neutral Sea Elegans ExperimentCan sequence most of the genome all genes are known and identifiedReproduces asexually and sexuallyIn this experiement they wanted mutations to accumulate in sea elegans and compare it to a line of sea elegans where no mutations accumulated o Asexual reproduction in the absence of natural selection made sure there was no competition and that all survived equally to keep deleterious mutations within the population instead of having them selected against this was done by making sure environment was optimal so the population did not have to compete to surviveBy looking at their fitness level in the end whether it has gone up or down we can decide if
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