BIOC14 : Lec 18 : Article 4 - Epigenetic regulation of GR is associated with childhood abuse

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Biological Sciences
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Patrick Mc Gowan

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BIOC14 Lec 18Article 4Epigenetic regulation of the glucocorticoid receptor in human brain associates with childhood abuseLegendVsversusPplpeopleBtnbetweenEspespeciallyBehbehaviorBpblood pressureMovie provides key findings in epigenetics in terms oftransgenerational inheritance effects that have been linked toepigenetic changes BUT thats not all there is There are phenomena that were interested in explaining within a generation that could involve epigenetic changes and that is more thats going to be discussed todayWe talked health outcomes and concordance rates in MZ vs DZ twins and this is a figure that shows some of those concordance rates by age details not important BUT know that prevalence of diff diseases at diff age stages within pairs of MZ twins differsoSome diseases like autism that appears to be highly heritable concordance rates for MZ twins75 but concordance rates arent 100oCleft lipoccurs during development concordance ratevery low10 oBreast cancer much later onset late 40s usually concordanceratesvery low around less than 20oHope with human genome project was once weve discovered all the diff variations that would account for these diseases it would just be a matter of sequencing the genome and identifying SNPs or larger regions that are different btn MZ twins that could explain the difference in concordance ratesdoesnt quite work out that wayoHuman genomelike hardware of a cpu that gives the potential for running software and the software are the epigenetic mechanismsthings that are above genome that regulate transcriptionoMZalmost 100 same identityoSource of controversy in the field for ppl who are interested in genetic differences in MZ a lot of the ppl coming from population genetics will say that MZ100 similar and therefore they are control for genetic differences but ppl will argue and say there are copyvariations among MZ SNPs that occur among MZ twins theres the potential for some genetic differencebut very minimaloDespite that patterns of gene expression are very diff among MZ twins in some cases and these patterns of gene expression get more different the older that the pair gets
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