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Lecture 8

Lecture 8 Notes

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Classical Studies
Jessica Higgins

9-Mar-11 CLAA06 Lecture 8 **CHECK SLIDES FOR ESSAY TOPICS FOR MIDTERM** Apr 14 7-9 pm= final exam The Epic Cycle collection of poems written around the iliad and odyssey all stories are structured around ittell stories about heroes who fought in Trojan war avoid details which are included in iliad and odyssey written later than iliad and odysseylate 8 -6 c BCE most scholars believe that these stories werent written down into the Hellenistic stories at that time, mythographers got all of the epics together and wrote them down to make the epic cycle Epic Guilds 8 -6 C BC (early archaic)- rhapsode guilds formed, each one specializing in a specific epic(s) kreophyoli- told stories which were composed by the famous bard, Kreopholys (?) they held the responsibility to keep the respective traditions and stories alive we dont have much evidence for the guildcould be because they were such a common occurrence, so they were not spectacular enough to mention Nevertheless, Pinder does open one of his poems with an ode to the Homeridae Quote- oral composition was likened to the task of weavingcertain myths interconnect, which can become confusing ancient mythographers made summaries of the epic poemsusing that an the fragmented evidence, we can get a good idea about the guilds The nostoihomecoming of Agamemnonexample of one of his summaries The Epic Cycle Plot Summaries
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