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Concurrent Teacher Education
Colette Granger

Lecture 7 November 13 – Class 7 Theme: Sexual identity in schools; Gender and school achievement How are sexual and gender identities made? In what ways might societal views of sex and gender conflict with an individual’s experience? What are education’s responsibilities in regard to questions of gender identification and sexual identity? What is significant about the notion of role models in relation to educational experience? How does education think about differences between genders? What do single-sex schools, as a response to gendered achievement gaps, tell us about education’s understandings of gender and of what it is about gender that matters? What are the impacts of school achievement on adult life? Reading: Birtha; Boesveld; Wallace. Due: Reading response _____ Film: School’s out. Birtha Reading Johnnie Ruth  Talking about summer  Liked to do “guy things” o Like riding her bike o Like dressing comfortable  Mom talks about how a lady should act  She goes to a plaza on the opposite of an avenue  She saw a woman kissing and she was shocked and didn’t know how to feel o Confused, shocked, couldn’t look away o The ladies who kissed just laughed at her - you should judege or stereotype of how a certain gender should act like - her behaviours resembles the stereotypical way a “guy” would act - her behaviour worried her mother - at the end she laughed (a happy type of surprised)  not everything has to be the way people tell you it has to be  you could be different in the world  she’s happier after seeing the two woman kissing, but doesn’t mean she is lesbian but made her somewhat more free of the type of person she is  other ways in life is possible Boesveld Reading  MOVIE SCHOOL’S OUT  Teen Education And Confronting Homophobia (T.E.A.C.H.)  Alison Dover (Caucasian with nose pierced) o First heard about fag when she was 6 o Kids didn’t even know what it meant but knew it was a bad thing o Being homophobic is a “bad thing” o Thinks its threatening to men status  Emmy Patin o Bathroom story  Rude comments on the stalls about homophobia o Wrote an article beging people to come out  If she comes out then she thinks they’ll come out o Teaching students and showing awareness is about acceptance and creating a safe environment for those who are gay  Glasses guy o Knowledge is our defence o Lesbian was used as a “spook-word” o Wrote books and articles o Looked through the religious point of view and was against it o Psychiatric prejudice o Homosexuality went from religious to mental hospital o More happy to live in an environment of public identity o If we understand our fears then we can be more free  Suzanne Anderson (African American)
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