ENGA11H3 Lecture Notes - Adventure Fiction, Scientific Romance, Detective Fiction

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Published on 19 Apr 2013
Haggard, king Solomon’s mines
188’s New romance
o Adventure fiction
o Imperial romance
o Lost world romance
Gothic revival
Detective fiction
Scientific romance
Mass market phenomenon :
Claims made for the romance as a genre
More truthful about the human condition that realism: andrew lang:
o Lang admire aspect of realism, generally showing ppl
Narrative pleasure
Romance champions agency vs. naturalism and determinism
o Adventure chance agency
o We must take our chance
o There is no journey upon this earth that a man … ready to keep it or lose it as
providence may order
o 53. Response to quatimse saying:
Quest romance is about action ; body not mind
o Muscles not morals: “
o What are the ethics of whatever course of action this person is taking : romance not
Romance is the genere of healthy British masculinity
o Over civilizatioin threatens degerations
o Enverbates the body politiv ( ct. Tennyson)
o American realist heroes : “ esmasculated specimesn of an overwourght age and with
cultureon their lips and emptiness in their hearts , they danle around the heroines till
their thre volunte fate is accomplished” ( haggard)
o Unhealthy atmoshpre of French naturalism : like that of boudoir of luxurious woman,
faint and delicate, suggesting the essence of white rose” ( haggard)
Imperial romance
1880’s new Imperialism
The enterprise of empire depends upon the idea of having an empire( Edward Said )
o Adventure narrative is the generic counterpart in literature to empire in politics”( martin
o Almost without exception these narratives based on the exhilaration and the interest of
adventure in the colonial world- serve to confirm and celebrate the success of the
imperial undertaking ( said)
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