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4 Mar 2011
Once in a lifetime, water=money=time. All this in a life time
Life-time. Is time money? If so why? Why water? Water running
underground- phenomal fact of existing. Immpose our lifetime on water.
Existance is like water. Cant dip same water twice.
Identity and self-construction. Never the same river. Life is the same? It
never is, neither are we.
Growing and shifting. Stablize our own relationship. Stablize our baby.
We are life water, life is like water, use time and money to stablize both.
Strategize to believe that.
(Discipline) (discourse- Subjectivity) (regulation)
Power (instiution) knowledge
Madam Murman being and doing.
series of clients placed in 7 sevens. Male clients being service, they dont get
on anything.
How little it is about the act.
Dimiish sexual reality that it is not even there. How much we have built up
physical sexuality. Errgogenous zones.
I exist because we beat the other sperms.
In the Balacony- what we get about desire and identity. And social factors.
Jenad, instead of politics, govt and war. In a brothel gender construction.
Desire, fantasy reality. Difference between reality and fantasy. Inextricibly
one apart of each other. Fantasy without reality,
What you cant do. Have a reality fantasy relationship. Have what you can do
and what you cant.
Errogenous zones and shift around- have a social function.
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