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Garry Martin Leonard

March 11th 2009 PoetrySylvia Plath and Robert GoldCold War Poetry WWII is the hot war nuke and holocost Cold War it was the allinace of the USA Britain USSR etc USA dropped a bomb on Huroshima and Nagasaki Literature and art is the unconscious of the social collective Art tell us of a different story of teh cold war that i tis not over at all and everything has changed and there is no way backout YOu cannot uninvent the nuclear bomb It has changed attitidues towards humanity what does it mean to be human changed forgeign policy war geopolics it changed national policy it challenges the science as used for advancement which was the promary myth that arouse frmo WWONE that science was of our better nature Technology was evidence of out better nature As the bomb blew up the realiszation of human failings as much as any other venture litterally exploded at the same time In the USA as seen in the Bell Jar the reaction is coming down to conformity and a kind of dream of safety What really started teh Cold war USA and Russia eyed each other comepatively and warily Ecomonics was one face of comepetition where Russia was based on socialism and communism while the USA was based on capitalism its a war of economis systems which sysem is betterprevial What adds a lots of agnst is that russia sends the first satellite into orbit called Spudnik Spudnik in a way in Americas air spay But how could you say this when its in orbit There was a chronic idea that the other was watching and surveying although the satellites could not do that back then Americans thought they were being watched which was a form of Cold War Paranoia which was one of the hallmakr of this era a chronic sense that the otehr wsa going to take over was advancing faster etc The 1950s era was called teh Macarthey Era where in 19521953 Senetor was trying to oust communist from the government it was then very easy to oust anyone accused of being communist from teh government So the problem with paranoia is that it doesnt require evidence but only suspicion The witch hunt Are you a communist answer no was used as proof like witches used to deny they were which but one of the ways to get out of the inditement was to blame otehrs so if you wre named as a communist and you named 6 others then theyd let you go cuz they would be willing to give up one for 6 this fuels paranoia 1950 TV was just starting in ppls homes Paranoia sent to ppls homes How do you know somoene is communist etc Nobody knew what a communist was but they saw it as only being
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