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Garry Leonard

NATURE value SPACE PLACE NATURE value SPACE PLACEENGA11 LECTURE 01 1/11/2012 7:09:00 AM meaning value NATURE PLACE BODY essence existence worth price SPACE VALUE circulation PRICE exchange WORTH 1. LTC  Loss of Transcendental Certitude (1a Necessity of Belief) 2. VSO 3. Word/world 4. PEPSI 5. “R”/R6. Ideology/motivation  Society has become “split” in the 20 /21 century; we’re socially schizophrenic  What we discover is not something we don’t know, it’s something that we’ve chosen to not think about  learning  Anxiety is the feeling that arises self-defensively when you’re about to “know” something you haven’t thought, and when you’ve thought it, it will become something in relation to who you are  There’s a difference between knowing, thinking, doing, and being  It’s possible to know, think, do, and be, and still not UNDERSTAND (because the other four create appearances)  What we did know was that there was some “divine God” who was Right, so we didn’t HAVE to know  Soul: connects ourselves to the Divine Rightness  seen as the part of us that can be corrupted or purified  Transcendental certitude: what we understand is what is right and correct o Loss: something above and beyond this Earth is undeniably right, and can be accessed by enough meditation etc  When you have a loss of transcendental certitude, you have a loss of faith, a loss of a belief system, a lack of meaning in life o This loss does not eliminate the necessity to believe o We have to believe to move  What a Nike shoe represents is more than it appears to be (e.g. represents child labour even though its just a shoe)  this relates directly to faith, which represents more than it just is; represents a feeling of transcendental certitude  The sacred is a paradox: it’s both what it is, and more o You can destroy what it is, but you can’t destroy what it represents  Dorian Gray removes his soul so that he can no longer register regret  A church is sacred, a religion is sacred, but what do in the NAME of religion, can be murderous (we have a church, but what’s it made of?  church made of firearms)VENN DIAGRAM TIME  Your BODY is intersected between nature, space, and place o What you value and what you think things mean determines your relationship to nature, which determines your feelings of essence and your worth  WORTH: being;  VALUE: exchange; what will people give you in exchange for you  Air Jordan o In the absence of a transcendent belief system, value can be ANYTHING; it is no longer determined by it’s proximity to sacredness, only to it’s relativity to something around it o We are bewildered by the generation of value through comparative relationships that in and of themselves have no value  stock market; value is no longer intrinsic (IN the thing), only by how the THING is relative to another THING  PRICE: use; what you
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