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Garry Leonard

ENGA11 LECTURE 02 1/18/2012 7:08:00 AM Nature: resource Body: contested site for competing discourse Space: circulation and exchange Thinking – doing – functioning – calculating – predicting – profiting – consuming – accumulating – owning – defending Being – wanting – waiting – wondering – feeling – interacting – surplus – celebrating  Difference between surplus and profit: surplus is something that you share, profit is not  If you only see Nature as a resource, you will destroy it’s sustainability Rolling Stones: Sympathy for the Devil  Evil has only the capacity to incapacitate  Good has the capacity to make you capable  Using our capacities to disable is evil, or so we say  What is a world without a word? It is a world that cannot be manipulated, calculated, rearranged  The word permits the world to be done, and undone (once the word gives birth to the world, we need commandments: word  world  morals)  When you recognize that his name is your name, you’ll have recognized him in a mirror; the devil’s capacity is to accumulate (what you forget does not forget you  that’s what the devil is)  You encounter the devil when your own strategies for ignoring what you don’t want to know fails  The devil is what you don’t want to know, but do Waiting for Godot In most literature since WWII, there’s been this devastating question that has arisen: “what is human nature?”  Pre-WWII, the answer was “their essence” (see LECTURE 01); their nature  Nature is sustainable, it is what will be there before you and after you  what about us is sustainable?  Nature is a model for sustainability, and whenever anything in nature is unsustainable, it disappears and the resources that are used to sustain it are reabsorbed o Everything in nature feeds everything that nature is (it’s a circle)  What is being? Is it sustainable?  Being is some kind of attempt to come to understanding; what you do is a sense of who you be  Thinking is an awareness of being that translates into doing (That’s why waiting is so important; waiting is an awareness of being by not doing)  When you become aware of waiting, it’s because it’s time for doing  Depression is realizing that your calculations have brought you to an impasse that is not to your liking  Sadness is an awareness of loss; depression is a chronic awareness that our calculations have not come to fruition  1+1 doesn’t equal 2! We agree that it equals 2 because we need it to  The point of Waiting for Godot: nothing adds up (they try really hard to make 1+1 equal two [Vladimir tries anyways])  This play can’t get anything to accumulate; what are they waiting for? For things to accumulate!  Entertainment is substitution of something else for the chaos  When you’re waiting, 1+1 doesn’t equal two, but when you’re doing, it does  1+1 is sustainable; it consumes….  Waiting is an absence of substitution; waiting forbids substitution  Waiting makes us realize how much of our sense of ourselves is based on deferral (the belief in 1+1=2 means that we’re never done) Vladimir and Estragon can also be seen as body and soul  First line of the play: Estragon: Nothing to be done. o If you don’t do, how can you be o When there is nothing done, there is no way to be  that’s not a fact, that’s a choice, a modality, a way to be  Being is an endless possibility, but we constrain it with a way of thinking  Cause and effect is how we get 1+1=2; we have 1, we add 1, and the effect is that we have 2; but why?  It matters that time has become miniaturized (wristwatches); modern life is predicated on a more and more refined sense of time (how else would we have train times, bus times, time zones, etc?)  The so-called globalization requires a global sense of time  Facts & fiction: facts are simply the current resting-place of what we know  Facts are placeholders for what you think you know  They can’t prove anything, they can only disprove things  Statistics are simply the rearrangement of facts to support your point of view  Nothing accumulates in Waiting for Godot; Pozzo seems to have not gotten the memo (he’s still striding along trying to act like a business man)  Lucky is called Lucky because he has no more expecta
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