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Lecture 3

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Garry Leonard

ENGA02 Lecture 3 I think therefore I am Descartes I suffer therefore I may be Beckett Rolling Stones 1965, I cant get no satisfaction o American blues went to Europe because couldnt be played in America o About advertising To feel anxious is element of hope Anxiety wont leave you alone, is tension between hoping and giving up o Is tension we prefer to depression Vladimir and Estragon prefers anxiety then going in depression o Estragon keeps insisting that better to hope than to lose hope o When they talk about suicide concern that they both wont die because the branch is not strong enough o Same disembedded quality o They keep forgetting to being the rope As you move into depression, get oscillation between defer and depression o Crash, but look for reason to start hoping Beckett perhaps is most important word in play o Comfort of pretending is form of deferral, distraction Luckys speech is form of Descartes o Lucky is thinking o When he goes into rant about thinking, it is killing Pozzo o Vladimir and Estragon is just stunned o Luckys speech refers to something or not yet o Qualifies things out of existence o No content, bare skeleton o Way that knowledge builds on itself We are not sum of all facts, we are choices Facts are not us We are not the things we use to justify ourselves o We are not the tools that we use o We live in experience, cant be recorded, we cant be solve for X, we are X Godot at literature of 1950 is very much about not understanding through deferral and association, but by what we define ourselves Goals, objectives are artificial, deferrals Idea that means justify the ends is not who we are Waiting is awareness of being brought on by absence of doing Beckett asking to take a break long enough to feel extinction between doing and being o Depression is when doing takes over in awareness of being Trying to get far away from ourselves o Cant get very far How can you be at a future that has not happened yet Vladimir and Estragon- being pushed to authentic of actual existence Pepsi generation: o Progress o Efficiency o Perfection o Satisfaction
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