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31 Mar 2012
a. Poem as art
Vendler on describing poems
In this chapter, Vendler provides us with a rand of strategies for locating the
different meaningful patterns and parts of the poem:
1) three means of classifying poems
2) the narrative and the lyric impulses
3) questions for exploring poems
- outer inner form
- content
- speech act
idea of HOME is… (something abstract)
- John Clare, “I Am”
- Joy Harjo, “Song for the Deer and Myself to Return On”
JOHN CLARE (1793-1864)
- English poet
- He suffered bouts of depression
- He was institutionalized
Classifying poems: INNER FORM
- inner Form and Emotion/ Subjective Experience
- Inner Form and the Parts of the Poem
o Binary (two-part) poem or ternary (three-part) poem?
o How would you classify “I Am”
- Vendler’s Advice for Finding the Parts (124)
“I Am” is a three part poem
part1 decribing who he is
place he is in (environment)
places he chooses to be in
- For Vendler, some of the ingredients of inner form are:
o Sentences (124)
o Person (125)
o Agency (126-7)
Every sentence has a subject and the subject is the agent of
the verb
3rd line moving I as a subject to his woes (that rise and
o Tense (127)
Fourth line of 3rd stanza, “I long for scenes” this is the scene
that he would live in
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