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 The interest in relationships moving towards marriage hasn’t changed much but the progress from intimacy to marriage (?) has changed from the the 80s 90s  In the 60s and 70s we see romance films address a diff anxiety- love  In the 80s and 90s- theres a diff cynicism that affects the ideology of true love o How is intamcy trust and commitment possible if the only way there is intamcy is with money  With the removal of pregnancy with pill o Comes aids and stds  Changes the ___ of the chance encounter  Beore you entertain the idea that someone could be ur soul mate is that you have to have a blood test  Pretty woman  Chance encounter all about paying for sex, no romance, wearing condoms o Probably safer in the sac (an asset)  Has hardly signed off for a happy ending  Partners become as interchangeable as the rates they bring to the  Partners audition I the bedroom and dinner table  Transaction  The graduate  Physical intimacy can make you feel more alone than if you actually were alone  It is possible to have attraction without any intamcy ?  Pretty woman still presents sex without love (like graduate) followed by love with great sex  In the graduate first sex without love then intamcy with Elaine  Edward and Vivian apparently don’t recall the emotional states of Benjamin and Elaine and yet it emerges thru the film for each of the despite their strengths they each haven’t left behind their scars of their perspective upbringings  V and E have diff economical upbringingings yet their jobs both deal with the … we both screw people for money o Regard feelings as vulnerability and foolish  Edwards father left him and mom with all the money  Vivian had disastrous relationships, became a bum magnet o People in love are people easily exploited o Love is an illusion for which you pay for dearly  They both negotioate away any pretense of intimacy so that they both walk away with more (money)  They see one another as smart negotioators  E like how she asks from 10 to 20  V delightfully negotioates her price  If they can hustle they can get a high for the hustle  Their negotiations protect them from feeling any lack of intamcy but this cycle leaves them numb, so they don’t see that theyre not living their lives  Magician : no matter what they say, its all about the money o Magician appears to make coins to appear into the womens hands o But I wudnt trust you with real gold, its just a penny  Phillip stucky walks by – a penny for the ear, how much for the rest o Though the people at the party are high class the woman are none the less presented as commodity o They are all coiffed and ready to show off the relative wealth  Edwards calling his girlfriend, shes ready to leave, he needed his girl as an accessory o She needed job security  Not married yet, not worth it to be a freelance girlfriend o The stocks are underperforming for each of them  She wanted to be a ‘partner’ and he said no  As logn as he can grow with the help of his romantic partner, Edward can become a romantic lead  Edward doe smake money but he doesn’t actually make anything o At the end he does end up trying to make something o He makes peace with his father  Whos compacy he destroyed o He grows emotionally  Edwards and ellie (it happened one night) o Simm  Hopeless at trying to get around (been chaufered all the time before)  Bringing things together instead of breaking it apart (or running)  Peter and Vivian o Simm  Ha
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