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Sonja Nikkila

Says Who Narration in NarrativeA third person narrator is not always omniscient An unreliable narrator is not always first person Compare and contrast essayTake 2 of the 4 passages and close reading on narratorDO Take a look at the following picturedont tell the story just think about who the narrator isA watcherA participatorReliableUnreliableYoung or oldWho you think the narrator of this scene isASK ABOUT CONVERSATION BETWEEN LYDGATE AND THAT GUY CONCERNING THE DOCTORAuthor vs narratorThe author is not a narrator A narrative for our purpose is a work of fiction An author is a nonfictional personThere are multiple viewpoints in a narrative character narrator author the implied reader Implied reader of Middlemarch mid 1900 middle class educated readerThese viewpoints often clash and none of them will necessarily line up with your viewpoint Diverge is where we start to see what the narrator is really about and what it meansWatch for when the ideas dont stand upSecond person NarrationDoesnt get a lot of play Notable exception if on a winters night a traveler by Italo Calvino 1979
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