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Sonja Nikkila

Intertextuality and Retelling Theres Loom for InterpretationPick a theme that you see occurring in some or all of our course texts ex parents either simply name that theme or work it into an essay questionParallel with chronicle bulstrodedoesnt know it would kill raffles the maid acting out of sympathy which is what Eliot is and chronicle just killsOmission vs comissionEmphasizing what he admires about Lear is his authority and what Lear is doing is giving away his authority disinheriting his daughter disowning everything variation of Cinderella story in which she is escaping the bad father You cant unfather somebody and you cant undo kinship if you are king you are always king you cant disown a king unless he was killed so Lear still rules everybody even though he said he would step downPower and right to give authority and authors are often doing thisWritten will and request he makes to Dorothea Casaubon desiring kind of what Lear desires He is saying in the event I die I still want you to obey my authorityFeatherstone demanding his will being enforced Ritual guy used to authorityFeatherstone realizes that authority is all he has his whole life is having money and power in the community and thats what lear thinks by giving up fatherhood and etc he only has thatIdea of versions of myths not one some that are dominant but its all about versions so Penelope herself talking about versions Things that tell the story in a certain way and Penelope is standing as an authority I have an authority over my story What is authentic Penelope is saying there is true and untrue and she starts by giving the idea of origin If you replicate the truth you cant be an author because your replicatingPenelope and Odysseus are both liars question of authencity whos telling the truth and whos lyingShe can accuse him of being a liar and of giving his real feeling Authencity is a real problem all we have are our stories flittered through the people telling themAtwood in an epitext looks at the writer is nowhere in her corner shes saying authority is not a big thing its now with the creation and the reader Shes shifting that question of athencity away To be a author is to create and think of the things already there
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