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Daniel Tysdal

ENGB04 March 6 2012 Final exam April 23 GYM 25 PM 3 parts Part 1 fillintheblank Part 2 Short Answer Part 3 EssayVENDLER ON THE POETS TOOLS AND MATERIALSChapter 1 the poem as lifeChapter 2 the poem as arranged lifeChapter 3 poems as pleasureChapter 4 Describing poemsChapter 5 play of language REMAINING SEMESTERChapters 15 we were introduced to a range of the lyric poets tools and materialVendler chapters 69 the goals or ends to which a poet employs these toolsHistorical Lectures Romantic Victorian modernistROMANTICISM AND THE ROMANTIC PERIOD When 187083 Where England America What Movement that inspire revolutionary changes in politics social orders etcLECTURE OUTLINE ROMANTIC POETRY AND THE TURN TO THE SELFRomanticism and Philosophical Change o The turn to imagination feeling and natureRomanticism and Sociopolitical Chang o The turn to individual liberty and creativityRomanticism and Aesthetic Change o Formal strategies that result from these turnsRomanticism and Philosophical Change th reacted against 18 century rationalism th reacted against 18 century views of ordered societyexplored what was missing the imaginations feeling and nature1 ROMANTICISM AND PHILOSOPHICAL CHANGEfeeling and the imaginationfeeling and naturethe turn to subjective experienceWILLIAM BLAKE 17571927
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