ENGB28 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Verisimilitude

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4 Feb 2016
LECTURE 3 - Charting Literary History ||
-Details are important for short stories
- short stories emerged in the 19th century
- think of imagery in all 5 senses
- importance of weather in “Half of a yellow sun”
*harmattan: dry parching land wind which blows during dec, jan, feb
-winds as a conventional symbol of change. can blow favourably or can be an ill
wind. “An exodus clothed in dusty hope” (CP8)
-what does half of a yellow sun symbolize?
*segregation of people between 2 different pasts
-sun as a whole?
* light
-yellow sun?
* could refer to time of day
*or an naive idealistic vision of the sun as it isn’t actually yellow
-food is important in the story
- “And so i savoured a plate of cornmeal, which tasted like cloth” (cp9)
- “There were more flies than food, the flies buzzing thickly over the graying
pieces of meant, the black-spotted bananas. The flies looked healthier, fresher
than the meat and fruits” (8)
- starvation was used as a legit weapon of war as 2-3 million people died, most
of starvation. Hence the political achievement of food and politics within the
- many people believe that the biafran war was a genocide
- focalization = point of view
- narrator reveals class position through imagery. describes her parents using
small details such as “Garish cotton tie papa wore to his new job”
- rhythms and other presences of ancestors and ancestral knowledge take place
in the story
- why is Obi important? his wisdom generates character, rhythm and irony.
“Justifiable heroism” (6) obi is 13 and at the end of the story he would've
turned 17 had he been alive
Picasso/ Gertrude Stein
-plays with perspective
-thinks about painting away from realism 3d perspective and more about the
illusion of the painting should be more emphasized
-gertrude stein tries to do what they do in cinema; making a continuous
succession of the statement of what the person was
-techniques used: ritual repetition, parallelism, spirit of play, circularity, weird
syntax, non representational painting or cinema
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