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University of Toronto Scarborough
Natalie Rose

ENGB31_Feb4 THE COMING OF ARTHUR Arthur’s achievement [H]e drave The heathen; after, slew the beast, and fell’d The forest, letting in the sun, and made Broad pathways for the hunter and the knight And so return’d. (58-62) Blow trumpet! He will ift us from the dust. Blow trumpet! Live the strength and die the lust! Clang battleaxe, and clash brand! Let the King reign. (490-92, emphasis added) I beheld/ From eye to eye thro’ all their Order flash / A momentary likeness of King” (268-70)  Sitting at the round table is like a secular church  The account of Arthur’s origins/ right to be king: 1. Bedivere - “shameful swiftness”; “all before his time” - p. 177 “’Sir, there be many rumours on this head:”; Believes that king Arthur is not Uther’s son - Arthur came premature  He has arrived early so they think that he is not Uther’s child  Arthur being washed ashore: a metaphor of childbirth  Hovering halfway: of the air and the sea; he is more than man  Beyong human origine; being born from nowhere o Merlin’s victorious point: suggest that you take as you will  You understand form your own subjective position; what is your truth is not necessarily someone else’s truth 2. Bellicent - “fair/ Beyond the race of Britons and of men” - Bleys’ account - Merling’s “riddling triplets” : ”And truth 3. Leodegran’s dream - The king stood out to heaven - Letting his daughter marry Arthur saying that he is a fit king  he has born witness that he has experienced Arthur’s God-given talents and right to be king  #120-140 4. Lancelot’s response 5. Arthur and Guinevere Guinevere Stood by the castle walls to watch [Arthur] pass; But since he neither wore on helm or shield The golden symbol of his kinglihood, But rode a simple knight […]  Their marriage is setup in different ways  The poetic form shows the passion and contrast Why does Arthur want to marry Guinevere? Contrast Malory. How is marriage being presented and what is the key difference form Malory  The focus is really on the spiritual reunion o This is the fundamental to his rule and his success as a ruler o Not political aristocratical marriage in Malory o Union of man and woman symbolizes the unity of society  Shows the importance of unity  Union symbolizes the state harmony May: Far shone the fields of May thro’ open door, The sacred altar blossom’d white with May, The Sun of May descended on their King, (459-61) Blow trumpet, for the world is white with May (481) Blow, of our Sun is mighty in his May! Blow, for our Sun is mightier day by day!” (496-7)  Summer turns to autumn, autumn turns to winter; day turns to night  Inevitability to change is built in  Interlude of culture and civility Tennyson’s story Lady of the Lake  Naming Arthur the king  Giving the Excalibur Nature vs supernature “THE HOLY GRAIL”  duologue  dramatic poem/dialogue  one of the favorite Victorian poem  Dramatic poem: o Lack of authoritative narrative voice o Limits of subjective view o Richness of language o “I doubt whether such a subject [the grail quest] could be handled in these days, without incurring a charge of irreverence. It would be too much like playing with sa
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