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Natalie Rose

March20 Pullman cont’d…  Nurses: “their strange blank incuriosity, the way their little trotting daemons seemed to be sleepwalking” o Sister Clara’s “a brisk, blank, sensible air; she would be able to stitch a wound or change a bandage, but never to tell a story”  “I thought wasn’t it a good thing that Eve did, isn’t curiosity a valuable quality? Shouldn’t she be praised for risking this? it wasn’t, after all, that she wasn’t after money, but after knowledge….” Curiosity: quest/ questioning (from lating quaerere to seek, inquire)  “[The Fall is] the best thing, the most important thing that ever happened to us, and if we had our head straight on this issue, we would have churches dedicated to Eve instead of the Virgin Mary.”  Fortunate Fall, Felix Culpa o Lyra was curious about what he said and curious about the dust and wanted to go to the north Milton, Blake, and the Intertextual Ending  Paradise Lost as intertext  Epigraph form Milton o God’s “dark materials” o Barnard Stokes heresy  “Of Man’s first disobedience and the fruit/of that forbidden tree” (Paradise Lost 1-2)  C.S. Lewis: PL is about disobedience  “Milton’s Devil as a moral being is as far superior to his God” (PB Shelley)  Satanic/Promethean/ Byronic hero o Outsider, crime (“mad, bad and dangerous to know”) o Lord Asriel Extended anagnorisis  Parentage  “Lyra Silvertongue”  Lord Asriel’s welcome and Lyra’s reaction o Saving Roger and bringing Asriel the aletheometer  Lord Asriel’s experiment  Lyra and Pan walk into the stars Lord Asriel’s Welcome  “Lyra’s father stood there, his powerful dark….”  Not happy to see his daughter; lyra  “I brought you the bloody alethiometer didn’t i?... I carried all this bloody way when I couldn’t just given up and been safe, and you en’t even said thank you, nor showed any sign that you’re glad to see me. I don’t know why I ever done it. But I did, and I kept on going… and when you did see me, you like to fainted as if I was some horrible thing you never wantedt o see again. You en’t human, Lord Asriel, you en’t my father. My father wouldn’t treat me like that. Fathers are supposed to love their daighters en’t they? You don’t love me, and I don’t love you, and that’s a fact. I love Farder Coram, and I love lorek Byrnison; I love an armoured bear more’n I love my father. And I bet lorek Byrnison loves me more’n you do” o her disappointment is huge o fantasy that the child has that she is adopted  unraveling of the “family romance” (Freud)  parodies family reunion as happy ending o ironically turned out bad o “oh, the bitter anguish! She had thought she was savin Roger, and
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