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Lecture 4


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Natalie Rose

ENGB31H3 LECTURE 4 – WEEK 4  Narratives becomes almost allegorical; incidents freighted with religious symbolism o Eg. Fiend represented the reign of evil on earth o The maidens” castle represents the imprisonment of souls before the incarnation of our lod jesu Christ and the seven knights the seven deadly sings which held sawy at that time. And in his deliverance of those within the maidens castle Sir Galahad was acting in the likeness of our lord jesu, who in taking upon himself the sings of the world delivered the souls of men to heaven o The meaning of this was clear to sir Bors And he rode on his way : readers are not as holy as sir bors. o But women is not allegory for Lucifer : is Lucifer  Meaning of adventures changes o My son , the quest of the holy grail means other things than killing your fellow men an those are the adventures to which you an you fellow sinners are accustomed . You yourself have killed many men and that is one reason why you shall not achieve the holy grail o Galahad doen’t kill the seven brothers but Garwain does it for him. Rules have changed completely; no longer about chivalry, and policing the country side, it is about personal spirituality. o It was to be a long time before they with any adventures  Galahad completes the round table o Integrated the spiritual and worldly together o The completeness comes from offering himself to god  Merlin devised the round table as a symbol of the wholeness of virtue  Alas. What have you done? Shall not our fellowship of the round tbale be irremediably broken? How can I be reconciled to the dissolutionof so close a fellowhship and to the ancient customs by which we have been held?  Galahad : the Christian knight “without sin”: o What other new to the mort’s knights characteristics distinguish him?  Adventurous more higher and spiritual claim  Not doing for the glory of the round table  Doing it for god; desire for the spirit; gives up worldy things to become one  How does he get on this quest: easy for him, no narrative conflict with galahad, and he wins every single fight he fights. Eg. Pulling a sword out of a stone. o Destiny: o Virginity, chastity: he is so spiritual that he c- distinguish him the rest o fth knights: working towards the perfect knight where as he is the perfect knight: he has always been perfect; he is destine to be p
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