ENGB32 Lecture Notes - Lecture 8: Tybalt, Western Saloon, Rodney King

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5 Oct 2011
As seen in film (Act 1 Scene 1)
"add fuel to your fire" - written in yellow
Mise en scene
The literal meaning
Denotative meaning
Connotative of cowboys and Indians
Western/ saloon music
Same music as in the opening scene - repetitive "war scene" music
Parallel sound
Pull into a gas station, missing them pulling in
Jumping from person to person during the dual
The music changes
Jump cut
Goes from Benvolio to Tybalt
Reminiscent of Holy war - in terms of kinship rather than just religion, but they are
Religious symbolism
Rage, passion
Focused on because it foreshadows that he's about to appear
Right before Tybalt comes in - "add fuel to your fire"
Translates the early modern age of the sword by showing the chronology of the sword to the gun
and making it the modern day sword
Powerful tool used to display masculine characteristics
Can shoot blanks vs loaded and purposeful
Swords were a metaphor of a penis and now the gun is
Uses classic form of classic Italian sword fighting
Tybalt uses two - similar to the dagger and sword
Elected kinsmen
Usually arranged by race/ ethnicity
Gang families are parallel to family war
Primary colours as opposition
Warm VS cool colours - connotative meaning
Montagues are yellow cars VS Capulets blue car
Tybalt takes off his jacket - revealing a bright red to show he's really fired up
The background characters and props were in black and white so that they don't distract from this
"coloured conflict"
Capulets look very Hispanic
Spanish VS whites - races
Lecture 8
Wednesday, October 05, 2011
12:16 PM
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