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Lecture 21 Notes

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Majorie Rubright

Lecture 21 FP Questions o What is the difference between doing and performing o Why can Hamlet in the early scenes perform but not donot murder or revenge o Act 32 know it wellWhy does Hamlet arrange the elaborate strategy of The Mousetrap to terrify the King with false fire 32In the Mousetrap scene what does Gertrude believe know or suspect Offer evidence o Act 34 know it all wellWhat are some of the preconceptions about women that Hamlet reveals in scene 34 and how do these preconceptions make it difficult for him to believe that his mother has CHOSEN Claudius in loveWho sees the ghost in this production What does the CAMERA suggest about Hamlets ghost Whose perspective do we believeHamlet is told not to press his mother too farstruggles with this ruleHamlets transformation o 22119Hamlets friends as spies reporting to Claudius Hamlet called a lunatic y Transformed into a man great to a man obstinate in unnatural grief according to ClaudiusHoratio worries hes in madnessOpheliaas if loose out of Hell22Polonius says Hamlets mad because Ophelia has rejected him o Doesnt know
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