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Majorie Rubright

Key concept: Lectures Shakespeare’s King Richard III:  Genre of the “History” play  Hybrid genre (tragedy and comedy within)  Morality Play (Medieval tradition virtue vs. vice)  Tudor Dynasty and The Tudor Myth o War of the Roses (Lancastrians (red rose) vs. Yorks (White rose) o Key figures: Henry, Earl of Richmond defeats Richard III at the battle of Bosworth field (1485) o Crowned Henry VII until 1509, grandfather of Queen Elizabeth I  Sources for Shakespeare‟s play o Thomas More, History of King Richard the third C.1513 o Raphael Holinshed The Chronicles of England, Scotland, and Ireland 1577, revised 1587 Lecture notes: - quarto version: “The tragedy of King Richard III” o 1 folio re-titled “life and death of Richard iii” - Principle literary sources Shakespeare used: o the complex “History of King Richard the Third” by Thomas More (1513) o Ralph Holinshed: “The chronicles of England, Scotland, Ireland” (1577, revised st in 1587) - 1 performed in 1592 or 1593 (performed 5 times in Shakespeare‟s life) - “History” play – experiment o Dramatized history was new in Shakespeare‟s day - Shakespeare wrote 8 historical plays (based on English Kings) - Elizabeth‟s father (Henry 8 ) = protestant (his son Edward died a
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