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Lecture 6

ENGB33 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: John Pory, Psychomachia, Masculinity

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Majorie Rubright

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Lecture 6:
Iago’s tactics of initial persuasion:
o Repetition “honest”
o Delay tactics in avoiding answering the questions
o Mumbling to spark interest
o Echo’s Othello
o Makes insinuations an let it hand let’s othello’s imagination do the rest
o Solidifies othello’s love for iago first before saying anything
o Estranges Othello, casts him as an outsider who needs advice on the women of
o Iago repeats the words Othello says after Othello has given him the recipie he
needs to suspect
Ex: Ocular proof ie handkerchief
“LOOK” to Desdemona
What are iago’s motivations?
o Power hunger
o Jealousy transference of this emotion to Othello. Iago is jealous of Othello
makes Othello jealous of Desdemona
o Racism outsider’s shouldn’t hold positions of higher ranks than insiders
Handkerchief comes to rep honour cassio has handkerchief means he has desd’s
Antony and Cleopatra key terms:
How does sexual passion express and sabotage imperial ambition?
Ptolemiac- Ptolemaic dynasty 305 BC-30-BC (ethnic Greece)
Source text: Plutarch, lives of the noble Grecians and romans
Leo africanus history and descp of Africa
o Transl, English by john pory 1600
“Egyptian”- category confusion
How does this play create a dichotomy b/w tome and Egypt (west & east)
Tragic Hero: psychomachia
Lecture begins:
- Written few yrs after Othello, A & C explore radical differences/ colonial expansion in a
very diff way from Othello
- 1st BC context of play
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