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Brandon Mc Farlane

Lecture 02 ENGB34AgendaoOpen discussionoReview of RomanceoGothic RomanceoUncanny AestheticoThematic ReadingsGilmans Pioneering FeminismHawthornes Transcendentalism responding to British forms of romanticism how he is skeptical of materialismsomething mystical not explained by science ObjectivesoSituate the texts within the gothic romance tradition oIntroduce the uncanny as a theoretical and aesthetic conceptlocalize the term and use it in analysis oUnderstand the texts core thematic messagesoFoster explication skills via detailed close readings of representative passagesDiscussion oDismissal of mental illnessespecially in women hysteriaIntroduction to RomanceoTheory of Modes RomanceThe characters power of action is superior to other men and to their environmentIt is an allegorical form because characters and spaces embody abstract ideasIt is a revolutionary mode because it idealizes one set of values over anotherdeath of Beatrice makes us question in a religious senseoRomance transforms threats into pleasuresTerror becomes adventurous Horror becomes the marvelousspectacular atmosphere yellow wallpaperThe unknown becomes the frontier Lust becomes love oFantastical elements however the narrator seems realisticengages us moreoGothic RomanceHow does the gothic romance produce a sense of the fantasticEnvironmentRuins aristocratic mansions claustrophobic spaces labyrinths etcOld spaces with hidden secrets or special powersAllegorical spacesdescribed as a real space but is associated with some secondary ideastructure of the house becomes an allegory for the structure of the mind etc GilmanRoom becomes reflection of internal consciousness Magical atmosphere which wouldnt normally happen start interpreting normal things as magical even if theyre notgothic environment allows our imaginations to wander Intros Gilmanold mansion gothic mansion etc Hawthornesdescription of a castleold inhabited by people from
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