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Lecture 19

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Amanda U.

Lecture 19: Monday November 19, 2012 1 Women at the Turn of the Century Goblin Market – big ideas 1. The poem itself has over emphasis on the sensory – the eating, hearing, seeing 2. Complicated relationship between the sisters 3. Embodiment and commodification 4. Over sexual connotations that elate to the concept of the fallen woman 5. Illustration history of the poem helps bring out larger themes 6. Ending is feminist utopia (strength in numbers and in sisterhood) These texts that speak to each other – this course is about texts speaking to each other Michael Field - Katherine Bradley (1846 – 1914) and Edith Cooper (1862 – 1913) o They were aunt and niece who wrote under the same pseudonym o They were also lovers - Influenced by Sappho o Sappho ((630 – 570 BCE) o Fragments of Sappho’s writing o Michael Field uses this in their writing o Wrote to writers that influenced them – acknowledging writers that cam before them - Helped bring Sappho’s work to light - Also influenced by Elizabeth Barrettt Browning and Christina Rossetti “To Christina’ Rossetti” - Elegy published a few years after Rossetti’s death - Poem centers around other well known female literary figures and characters - At the end of the poem there is a reference of her giving a lot to society o “From safe recess … in by ____” o ends with an acknowledgement of the joy that Rossetti’s has brought It’s a time of change … - edging toward the change of the century – and there is a change in thought as we can see the literature - a lot of larger social issues - work was very much gendered - questioning the larger social issues - typewriter - issues having to do with suffrage, sexual liberation, gendered work o we are going to talk about these in the broad scope - Kate Chopin (1850 – 1904) The New Woman - coined in the 1890 - it referred to women who had more independence in general o the larger social issues that women were fight for at that time o waves of feminism o this is something that is important for the first wave feminism Lecture 19: Monday November 19, 2012 2 Women at the Turn of the Century Kate Chopin and the Canon - Chopin was not recognized as a canonical writer until the 1960’s - Her texts are about freedom - Also seen in her short stories o “the story of an hour” (1894) Edna Pontellier - representative of the new woman o she has desire, she has freedom, she wants to go out, o but she doesn’t know if - she wants freedom and autonomy - the Awakening is a character study - how is she described? o Edna o “ Mrs. Pontellier’s eyes were… swiftly … her eyebrows … think … depth of her eyes … she was rather handsome than beautiful … her face was captivating … contradictory … her manner was engaging”  eyes, senses – the importance of the vision and the importance of looking  eye  I  the physical description of Edna Edna and Robert, similarities  Robert’s description page 1255  eyes  both are young and active o where does this take them -- 1256 Leonce and Marriage  demonstration of tension in marriage (1257), and division of labor o “he approached his wife for his … who’s on earth was it? … he cannot be in two places at once … insistent way”  what do we think of her husband as a character? o He’s worried that she cant hold down the family o He feels like he is really is important in terms of financially o He wants her to keep the household in order and keep an eye on the kids o Page 1254 – “wore eye glasses … beard … trimmed”  The eyeglasses serve as a barrier that is between him and his wife  He describes his wife “you were … beyond recognition … suffered some damage”  1258: “all declared that Mr. Pontellier that the … forced to admit that she knew of none better” o people don’t see what’s going on in the inside o the idea of mothering  “in short … was not a … any harm real or imaginary … worshipped … administering angels”  the figure of the woman as an angel  Edna is not one of those people but Adele is.  Edna doesn’t feel like she fits that role  A lot of this has to do with habits – we all have habits Lecture 19: Monday November 19, 2012 3 Women at the Turn of the Century o Routine o She feels like she is trapped in this habit  1265: “oh no no … on the contrary … religion took a firm hold on me … though I never … driven along by habit”  a lot of things she has in her life is formed by habit  if so, why did she marry Leonce? 1257: “her marriage … decrees of fate … it was in the mist of … he fell in love … which left nothing left … sympathy of thought… mistaken … add to this … marriage with … accept … for a husband.” o Thinking and reflecting, up until now she didn’t realize  She is trying to move out of the habit o “there’s the idea that … sense of submission … unthinkingly …” 1277  before she would go through with this demands because she would do it without thinking, now she’s appreciating the space around her  this has to do with music and memory  the first time you heard a song  songs in this text bring her back to a place
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