ENGC15H3 Lecture Notes - Intertextuality, Roland Barthes, Jouissance

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31 Jan 2013
ENGC15 7
Roland Barthes From Work to Text, “Acts of Criticism and Text”
Going across different fields, ex. lit and feminism, film and something else
Not only studying literature, but in other things too
Barthes distinguishes work and text
o Talks about how things are interdisciplinary these days
o Freudian studies, Marxism, leading into different shifts
SIGN, the relationship between signifier and signified
o Arbitrary, not based on fixed reason, subjective
o Categories
The work is a defined object
o Defined, closed off
o Vs. The text, a methodological field
A process, in activity
Whereas a work is complete
A text is in the process of becoming, in flux, fluid
Subversive, sometimes you can’t categorize certain texts and authors
Paradoxical, beyond opinions, working with two contradicting ideas at the same
Ludic, playful, a constant play, you see all these signifiers that are playing
Metonymic: associated with each other on a vertical axis
Ex. crown
Text: word’s origins from weaving, interweaving, the texts around you, (textiles)
Plurality of texts
Intertextuality: referencing of other texts
The way they’re woven is beautiful
Reading is semelfactive
Daimon, what connects you to a different realm
The process of filiation
The death of the author:
o Once the author has completed his work, his relation to it is over, it’s not his
o The text stands alone in the world of literature
o If the author enters the text, he comes to the text as a guest, no signature of the author on
the text
o Turns idea of biography on its head, the work affects life rather than vice versa
In order to appreciate Proust, his life and work are interwoven
To read the text, the reader rewrites it in his mind
Lessen the distance between reading and writing by linking them together, not by the reader
projecting the things onto the text
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