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ENGC15H3 Lecture Notes - Elaine Showalter, Peggy Kamuf, Alice Walker

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ENGC15 Articles about Jane Austen
Essay: you look at the text, and you apply certain critical theories to it.
Plato: women have wandering wombs
Wombs impact the entire body
Hysteria, Greek origin, hyster, meaning womb
Jane Eyre
Sandra Grubar, and Gilbert‟s The Mad Woman in the Attic
Bertha Mason, Rochester‟s first wife, not Jane‟s rival, but her other half full of anxiety and angst
Bertha Mason, Creole woman from West Indies, monstrous figure of colonial otherness
and must perish
Jane Eyre can become the feminist individualist heroine of British fiction
Madwoman feared to be woman monomyth
o Masquerading women in lit, Colette‟s “The Hidden Woman”
A Doctor‟s wife, goes to a masquerade ball and dances with all these
He can‟t reprimand her, because though he‟s got an inkling that
it‟s her, he can‟t stop her, „cause he can‟t be sure it‟s her
Suggests not only that the masquerade is a role, but the gentle middle-
class femininity position of wife is also one
o Masque: eyes wide shut
The anonymity, there‟s an agency uninhibited
You perform your being very freely
Your identity is hidden, no punishment
Women have an agency, yet they dissimulate that they don‟t by masking
All the above, similar feminist criticism stuff. Can write essay on that stuff.
Child = innocence, and masturbation is like a sin, lots of old wives‟ tales, so the masturbating
child is like, a destruction of innocence and something or other
The lively protagonist contrasted with the other, more docile character.
Pride and Prejudice: Elizabeth vs. Jane
The Yellow Wallpaper (Charlotte Perkins Gilman): Jane vs. The protagonist
Sense and Sensibility: Marianne (vs. Elinor
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