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ENGC16H3 Lecture Notes - Amnon, Joab

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Laura Jane Wey

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Oct 18, 2011
Samuel 2
The covenant that God makes with David
The Succession Narrative of the House of David
David, Bathsheba and Uriah
What sin does Davud commit?
David commits adultery with Bathsheba – both are married but not to each other.
She is supposed to be having her period, so she was unclean (women normally shouldn't
have sex with someone when they are unclean)
They need to cover up the fact that they had an affair with each other
David hopes that Uriah will go and sleep with his wife but this fellow does, he sleeps at
the King's door
This is cause warriors who have sex become soft and relaxed which is not good
So David sends off Uriah – one of his most loyal warriors – to the most dangerous battle
so that he could be killed.
David makes Uriah carry his own death sentence letter to Joab – this makes God angry
(God is displeased)
When it does not pertain to himself, David has a good sense of right and wrong.
Even though David himself does not directly kill Uriah, God still considers it so.
Displeased at the fact that David takes Bathseba as his wife after Uriah's death
God raises trouble out of David's own house – the child that will be born (Bathseba's)
will surely die
Inflicts the sins of the father upon the children
But David & Bathseba will eventually produce other kings (especially Solomon)
Amnon, Tamar, and Absalom
First instance of trouble
Amnon falls in love with his ½ sister Tamar and devises a plan to rape her.
Pretends to be so that she could cook, feed him, and take care of him.
After he rapes her, he wants nothing to with her.
Surprisingly, she says that if he wants her, to go her father and he may grant him permission
to take her as his wife.
But when King David hears about this, he was very angry, but he does not do anything.
Absalom comes in and his angry with both his father and his brother Amnon
Absalom devises a plan to kill Amnon – invites him to sheep-shearing event and kills
Amnon there – Absalom then flees.
David mourns for his son everyday – for Absalom
David is sort of reconciled with the fact that Amnon is dead but now he wants his other son
Joab – very dedicated – helps in getting Absalom back
Interesting portrayal of relationship btwn David and Joab
Absalom's revolt/usurpation
David is going to have to flee for Jerusalem with his servants
Mass exodus – fleeing of David supporters before Absalom arrives
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