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lecture 1

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Holly Luhning

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Prior to this period only the highly educated had access to printed material
Now more than upper classes were entering the conversation
New ideas, readers, demographics
The modernity of literature
Looking at material that came out in 1660 - 1820 (40)
Understanding in more rational way
Age of enlightenment and reasoning
Response - critical look at one of the pieces thus far
Neoclassic - not just upper classes were reading and writing, creating new dichotomies
Classic vs modern
Classics - need to know the foundation of literature (i.e. Plato, Aristotle, etc.)
Considered uneducated and "low brow
Referred to as "brilliant" by their own because everything and anything was considered modern
and relevant
Modernist - didn't know the classics, but interesting because they had more relevant perspectives
Sublime vs beautiful
Sublime - overpowering, masculine
Beautiful - more dainty, pretty, feminine
Referring to esthetic appeal
Public vs domestic spheres
Women were lumped with prostitutes for wanting to write - inappropriate
Shouldn't congregate in public, man's sphere to discuss ideas
Colonial expansion, "British presence"
Intersection of culture and business
Coffee houses used to produce ideas
When something is commercialized does it remain leisure, or is it just a business venture?
City vs rural OR urban vs pastoral
Going to read pastoral literature
Gender roles
Men's and women's bodies were pretty much the same functionally, but men were considered better
Sex = anatomical; gender = masculine/ feminine
New ideas of how bodies and sex worked, never considered equal, but rather that they worked in
different ways and men were naturally superior and in the public sphere
Nature was an acceptable view, and reinforced ideologies
Rise of the Novel
Source of entertainment
Culturally influential
Threatened status quo
Read across statuses, widely popular
Wrote about young individuals having autonomy over whole life decisions - previously thought to be
impenetrable (ideas about sex, courtship, marriage, etc)
Intro Lecture
Monday, September 12, 2011
4:37 PM
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