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Lecture 15

Lecture 15 Notes

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Rebecca Wiseman

Lecture 15 1 Hal and selfpresentation2 Mistress Quickly gender and the language of the tavern3 Chivalry and Pistol4 Humoural theory and discussion Here its Harry not Falstaff whos weary at first appearancein Henry IV Part I Falstaff was weary with alcoholsleepFactors involved in wearinessPoins says high rank protects from bodily wearinessHals face as a themein first part he said his face was covered by the clouds which hides his greatnessAppetite tells Hal that he wants to drink small beernot wanting to consume something inappropriate to his natureWe see things have taken a negative turnPoins is of lower classHenry says he shouldnt know about Poinstheres not sense of separation between high and low classPoins illegitimate childrenare the kids damnedHals not sure if hes legitimately a king because his dad usurped the throneshould Hal worry about his illegitimacy Will he benefit from this illegitimacy o This massage was probably taken out because its too controversialHarrys status is changedhe says hes friends with Poins because hes testing out his appearance before common peopleHal used t
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