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Pouneh Saeedi

ENGC15  Epiphany comes through in many instances o Epiphany: sudden discovery o Silent stasis o When you feel the clarity of the object, it’s like time has frozen o It’s a moment of intense pleasure o Deeper meaning than revelation o The integritas o The object becomes foreground in the epiphany  Ex. Mrs. Ramsey, To the Lighthouse  Dude realizes she’s super beautiful when he leans against a portrait of Queen Victoria  Parataxis—placing side by side, a literary device that favours short sentences and the absence of conjunctions o Used to show Leopold Bloom’s stream of consciousness in James Joyce’s Ulysses  Staccato-like, different modes of death o Living in a Metropolis, so this technique used to maintain attention for a long time  o Something about concrete reality  Semiotic—study of signs o Ex. Downtown Toronto, you get desensitized from the bombardment of the signs  In the bombardment of stimuli, you latch onto the familiar  It’s all about the same theme in different variations (Adorno’s Popular Music) because people want to experience the familiar  That’s why there’s such a prevalence to stream of consciousness  That’s why the movement of epiphanies, which are sudden where you experience a sort of oneness with being to streams of consciousness, for the familiar in an unfamiliar setting  Free association (Freud): o Not about
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