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lecture 2

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Holly Luhning

Lecture 2 1309Tuesday September 13 20111030 AMTalking about the culture of this period along with literatureSIDE BARHow they influenced or changed things within each other Libertine Political issues at the timeWald ContagiousInterpersonal and cultural changesThe restorationThe restoration of the monarchy after the civil wars 1642Rebellion against the monarchy 1642 16471648 1649 Charles I was killed off and Cromwell took overCharles II reinstated in 1660 Comes back from France and Samuel Pepys writes his diary Idea of the commonwealth name of England during this chaotic time not including all the colonies a more localized term A time when new spheres were being defined There were domestic affairs being handled in Britain while trying to take care of the more public sphere of colonization The Diary wasnt widely read at the time but he hung out with everyone around town All the scandals of public figures London in particular was a very dirty and unpleasant place to liveUpper class maybe took a bath once every 2 weeksOtherwise every once in 3 6 monthsHygiene was very low Charles II Women began to perform on stageVery scandalousEquated to prostitutesHe was a big advocate of the theatre Had many affairs with these women When he reopened the theatre it was a big cultural eventBecause there were so many laws against who could print material And at the time there wasnt a lot of exposure printA lot of stalk charactersA dull husband a wife who is running around h
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