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lecture 5

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Holly Luhning

Lecture 5 2209Thursday September 22 20111043 AMWord on the street Queens Park Sunday 12 5Background of the Poem About 20 years after Charles had been restored to the thrown and while he was ill wondering who would take possession of the crownPeople are constantly trying to manipulate power in order to have influence and control within the realm Someone related to Paradise LostThings that worried peopleWhos going to be on the thrown And who has allegiance to what religion Tudor King Henry VIIIMarried Catherine of Aragon Shes from Spain Catholic 10yrs older than HenryMarriage broke down Had a daughter name Mary very much Catholic and was very loyal to her mother Finally became queen after Edward and Jane Grey died Known as Bloody Mary because she killed all the Protestants When she died there was lots of strategy as to who would take thrown Meets Anne BoleynHer sister was Henrys mistress for a while She was witty and didnt want to be just a mistressShe wanted to start a new religion and step away from the corruption and allow people their own autonomy and allow their own interpretation of the Bible
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