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Anne Milne

ENGC39 Lecture 1  There are some important things that we need to know about the time period:  About the booming print trade; they would print bibles, sermons, religious texts  Sales of printed materials increased  Serial publications and periodicals very popular also anthologies and miscellanies  After 1750 books became a marker of social status  Female periodicals: The Female Spectator (Eliza Haywood), The Lady’s Museum (Charlotte Lennox)  Reading was a social activity, reading as a community  People would sit at coffee houses and read, meet friends, meet work people, were somewhat like private clubs  were informal institutions  They were often run by women  Develop specific style of homo-sociability  Like-minded men in convivial social space  Good manners emphasized  Architecture supports sociability  In the 18 century Jurgen Habermas describes the 18 century coffee house as the model of democracy and is an paradigmatic institution where people come together without hierarchy and have an equality of voice  It formed a new public culture  Highlight discursively  Collaborations, revision, writing and response, professional criticism, writer as celebrity.  ‘I believe there is hardly a day in which there is not something about me in the newspapers’ – Samuel Johnson- Sense that writing is becoming a public role  Problems with the coffee house…  People who cannot afford it cannot attend
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