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Lecture 7

Lecture 7

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Michael Wells

Lecture 7 Praise that Richardson received for Pamela o Religion disguised as a novel Aaron Hill o Readers feel it instructs and entertains in a different way Fielding didnt buy it Pamela media event went out into the public Letter provides a kind of interiority o Private thoughts and feelings Inner self Some supposed to be read, some not Richardson was afraid of Pamela being misread o He tried to patch up some of his works to try to shore up what his moral message was But he still stays with the letter form Helps pass an emotionhelp readers feel o Like Man of Feeling, Sentimental Journey Sham marriage keeps coming up again and again o Emblematic of one of the problems of the epistolary form o Powerful because it CAN happen based on something that ALMOST happened Mr. B and Lady Davers argument o 1) Mr. B was involved in a duel killed a guy Dueling was not legal, but still practiced Mr. B justifies this by saying that he was fighting evil; he defending himself by saying that he only injured him o 2) Sally Godfrey Mr. Bs baby mama
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