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University of Toronto Scarborough
Michael Petit

The Rite of spring By Stravinsky The Rite of spring was one of the greatest preforms in history, first happen on May 29 1913 at Théâtre des Champs-Élysées in Paris. Stravinsky brought Daighiev’s Ballest Russes company with their choreographer Vasla Nijinssky . The audience accustomed to the grace, elegance, and traditional music of "conventional" ballets. The audience said it would be a great evening after the elegant first piece. But after the first piece, there was nothing on the stage but a closed curtain, and then a high note comes to play. The audience gets reckless and starts leaving, and some stay being curious. Nothing comes on stage and people start to become restless. People keep looking at each other wondering what is going on and so chatter starts. People keep saying that this is not music as they get alarmed. As the curtain opens, the audience see Vasla’s dancers standing pagan toed and bend over. The dancers start stomping with the beat and since the audience have not seen or heard something like this before, they feel insulted and some leave. People are shouting and some call out genius, this causes Vasla to count to the dancers as they cannot hear the musithun
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