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Rape of Lock

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Steven Minuk

th Satire Lecture – July 7 Rape of Lock ➢ Alexander Pope  Literary Influences  later collaborated with Swift.  Aware of predecessors and usually shot them down.  Most satires include allusions to other writers in their own satire.  Literary Reception  T.S. Elliot revered Pope and paid him homage in opening passage of his piece   The Mock Heroic  The kind of satire the Rape of Lock is  We've looked at other kinds: verse satires, imitations  Mock Heroic:A form of satire that adapts the elevated heroic style of the classic epic poem to a trivial subject.  Frequently used by satirists like Pope and Swift to point out the unheroic character of the modern age by subjecting thinly disguised contemporary events to lofty treatment. • someone's lock of hair is cut off and given exalted treatment in Rape of Lock  Most mock-epics begin with an invocation to the muse & use the familiar epic devices of set speeches, supernatural interventions, and descents to the underworld, as well as infinitely detailed descriptions of the protagonist's activities.   *Battle of the Books by Jonathan Swift – could be used for essay topic (20 pages) • example of a mock heroic •  Heroic Couplet  Another element of Rape of Lock ➢ Essay proposal  must look at work that we've looked at or other work (book) by authors we've discussed (Dunciad, etc)  Proposal = a paragraph or 2 ➢ Rape of Lock  composed in 2 weeks by Pope in 1711  originally  had 2 cantos (songs) = a division in an epic poem  so only 2 segments of the rape of lock and then 1713 added 3 more cantos to it.
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